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LE-FN-LCD-S Serial annunciator


  • UL 864 9th edition Listed
  • Large 320 character liquid crystal display (8 line x 40 character) allows viewing of system status
  • LED indicators for Fire, Supervisory Alarm, Pre-Alarm, Fire Output Active, AC Power On, On Test, Panel Sounder Silenced, Delay Active, More Events, Point Bypassed, General Trouble, Power Trouble, System Trouble & NAC Trouble
  • Same controls as the LIFECO EAGLE fire panel (Reset, Panel Sounder Silence, Lamp Test, Alarm Silence, Re-sound Alarm, Fire Drill, Programmable Function, More Events, More Fire Events, Enter & Exit)
  • Up to 15 LE-FN-LCD-S serial annunicators may be connected to a FireNET control panel or network annunciator
  • Resides on the FireNET slave RS-485 line
  • Local piezo sounder for event notification
  • Supports user codes & firefighter key to enable access & controls
  • Powered by LIFECO EAGLE Aux 24VDC or UL fire listed Aux. 24VDC supply
  • Available in red or charcoal, and can be surface or flush mounted
  • Built-in help & alarm information screens
  • Fire drill function